Rain Barrels

What is a Rain Barrel?

A rain barrel is used to collect rainwater from rooftops.  Water harvested in a rain barrel can be used to water yards and gardens.  Rain barrels are fairly easy to construct and easy to maintain.  They are a great conservation tool that can be used to help in eliminating stormwater runoff.  Click here for instructions on how to construct a rain barrel.  Click here for a video with instructions on constructing and installing a rain barrel.

How Does a Rain Barrel Work?

A rain barrel is installed under a downspout to harvest rainwater from the gutter.  A hose is attached to the faucet at the bottom of the rain barrel.  This water can be used as an easy and economical form of irrigation.

Benefits of a Rain Barrel

Save money on your water bill!  

Reduce the use of treated water for irrigation!                                                     

Lower peak demands on publilc water systems!         

Reduce stormwater runoff volume and velocity!