A Watershed is the area of land that receives rainfall and stormwater runoff that drains or seeps into a wetland, stream, river, lake or groundwater. But where is the Illinois River Watershed?

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May Is Watershed Month
May is Watershed Awareness Month and the Illinois River Watershed Partnership is offering educational events in conjunction with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Washington County Environmental Affairs and the NWAHBA. The IRWP coordinated this month's series of events to celebrate the ecological services watersheds provide and to promote actions that protect our water quality.

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Then Test Your Soil.
Too much fertilizer causes the Illinois River Watershed problems and costs you more money, so IRWP encourages you to test your soil so you know how much fertilizer to use. Soil testing is free in Arkansas through your Benton and Washington County Cooperative Extension Service offices. IRWP makes it convenient by offering drop-off events for FREE soil testing.

To collect a lawn soil sample, dig twelve 4" deep soil samples from various spots in your lawn and mix in a bucket. You'll need 2 cups for a good sample. Then bring it by an IRWP Soil Drop-Off Event. Or you can bring your soil sample by the Benton and Washington County Cooperative Extension Service offices any time, all year long, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. For more information call your local extension office.
IRWP Soil Drop-Off Event
Saturday June 2
9 a.m. - Noon
Fayetteville Farmer's Market
Fayetteville Square

I'm Ready To Learn More About Soil Testing

IRWP Project Report On Soil Sampling March/April
Soil Samples, Wash. Co. Extension Office 2007 - 1601 representing 311 clients
Soil Samples, Wash. Co. Extension Office 2006 - 1167 representing 150 clients
Soil Samples, Wash. Co. Extension Office 2005 - 373 representing 100 clients

The soil sample client numbers for 2007 thus far have already well exceeded the client numbers for the complete years of 2006 and 2005.

The increased number of clients indicates more individual homeowners taking lawn and garden samples. For the most part farm sampling is also up, but it is the same number of farmers taking more samples.

65% of clients never had a soil test taken before. Many clients indicated they learned about soil testing through TV and radio ads and billboards. Prior to this time they had not known soil testing service was available. Those who had their soil tested in the past merely did it to know what was needed for growing the right products, not the importance of knowing the correct amount of fertilizer to use to avoid excess runoff.

IRWP: In Action
May 5th - Household Hazardous Waste Collection/Soil Testing Event

In an effort to make it more convenient for residents of Washington County to recycle household hazardous waste (HHW) and to have their soil tested, the Washington County Cooperative Extension Service and the Environmental Affairs Office conducted "Clean Out, Clean Up, Green Up!" on Saturday, May 5th. Residents brought HHW such as paint, batteries and fluorescent bulbs for recycling and soil samples for testing. During the event families enjoyed food, fun and prizes. Kids had a great time at the booths and loved the activities which taught them about recycling and water quality. 39 people visited the HHW collection center for the first time ever.

The focus of "Clean Out, Clean Up, Green Up!" was to inform residents about the adverse effects on water quality when hazardous wastes are disposed of improperly or fertilizers are applied to lawns improperly.
April 14th - Soil Testing Drop-Off/Rain Gardens Make A Difference Event

IRWP proudly handed out and took soil tests during the second weekend of the Farmers Market on the downtown square in Fayetteville. The hot chocolate was also a hit on that chilly morning.

17 volunteers gathered on the east side of Leverett Elementary School in Fayetteville to install the first-ever demonstration rain garden. A rain garden is a cultivated area created to harvest rain so that it receives runoff from a nearby solid area such as a rooftop or driveway.

IRWP provides information and smiles at the Fayetteville Farmers Market Soil Testing Drop-Off Event.

Little hands make a big impact on water quality and the Rain Garden at Happy Hollow Elementary School.

A beautiful result!


Who Is IRWP?

The Illinois River Watershed Partnership is a membership-based organization working to protect and restore the Illinois River and its tributaries. The organization is working together to improve water quality and to educate and encourage others to enjoy and positively affect the Illinois River Watershed.

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IRWP provides information and smiles at the Fayetteville Farmers Market Soil Testing Drop-Off Event.

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