Dear Educators (formal and non-formal) of NW Arkansas,
Urban Water Cycle Tour
The NWA Education Service Cooperative, the Illinois River Watershed Partnership and Beaver Water District are partnering together to offer an exciting 2-day "Arkansas Educators Outdoors: Urban Water Cycle Tour”, a Professional Development workshop for formal and non-formal educators K-12 with field trips and guided Illinois River float. 
Day One: Features a full day excursion to three water source and treatment sites in the Illinois River Watershed to expand participants’ understanding regarding public water supply sources, treatment processes, and human land use impacts on watersheds and water quality. The tour includes a first stop at the natural spring & IRWP Watershed Sanctuary and Learning Center in Cave Springs, a second stop at Beaver Water District in Lowell where water from Beaver Lake is treated for drinking, and a third stop at Rogers Water Utility Waste Water Treatment Plant where water goes after use to become watershed ready again.
Day Two:  Features a canoe trip on the Illinois River. Highlights of the canoe trip include the Siloam Springs water supply intake, stream-bank erosion effects on water quality, riparian buffers for stream-bank stabilization, water quality monitoring, and macro-invertebrate inventory for water quality.
Professional Development Credit:  Session #242867
Cost:  $30 includes river float. Bring sack lunch each day
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The cave at the Watershed Sanctuary is home to two threatened and endangered species: the gray bat and the world's largest population of the Ozark Cavefish!
Summer: What a perfect time for a nature-based field trip on the Illinois River!
Instructors include:
Dr. Delia Haak,  IRWP
Virginia Rhame, NWAESC
Dot Neely, BWD
Camille Montgomery,
Rogers Utilities
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